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Disaster Relief

Honored to serve!

On July 28th, 2022 there was a disaster that hit communities only a few miles from where we serve.  This disaster has been labeled as "1,000 year flood."  The magnitude of the damage is virtually indescribable.

On July 30th, we received a call to assist in the recovery efforts from this historic flooding in Eastern Kentucky.  On July 31st, we moved to action and went to Perry County, Kentucky to help assess the damage and devise a recovery plan.  

We had no idea how this would engage our ministry over the next few months and probably years.  However, when we returned to Kentucky, we committed to serve wherever God opened the doors for us to do so.  

We connected with Appalachia Reach Out and several churches in Eastern Kentucky.  These connections have now turned into lasting partnerships where we are serving to meet the physical needs of many families in our region.  

Many homes were completely destroyed while others were majorly devastated.  We have focussed on partnering with these families to meet the immediate needs for shelter.  

We have partnered with volunteers from across the US to do the physical labor of demolishing, cleaning, and rebuilding homes for the affected families.  It has been amazing to see the "GOOD" that still exists in our world.  

We have facilitated projects for hundreds of volunteers to be able to come into our region and serve these families.  We have been a part of raising funds to help with much of this recovery process.

Most of the families who have suffered such great loss, have no insurance and very little hope for recovery without the help of others.  We have seen people from all around the country come in and truly "Love Our Neighbors."  

We plan to continue these efforts for the foreseeable future as we continue to host teams and raise funds to help with this recovery effort.  

If you would like to volunteer or to make donation, please contact Greg Wells for more information on how to do so.

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